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My name is Laura Cowan. I’m a community activist, domestic violence advocate and a survivor of domestic violence. I survived one of the most notorious abuse cases in recent California history. My children I was locked up in a garage by my ex-husband, who beat, starved, tortured and raped me in front of my children for a little over 6 months. One day, at a small post office in town; while being escorted there by my captor, I was able to slip a letter of distress to a post office worker. The authorities were contacted and my family and I were freed. Now I have vowed to help victims of domestic violence and have become a strong advocate in my community.  

In my journey I got involved with several groups and organizations. One was called “Positive Plus” which was created by Yvonne Pointer, nationally known Cleveland anti-violence activist, author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist who formed Positive Plus in 1985 as a direct result of the tragic event that occurred in her life; which was the 1984 murder of her daughter Gloria. Positive Plus helps individuals to realize their God given abilities so they can rediscover themselves and become whole again. As a result of Positive Plus and Yvonne’s vision, a school in Ghana, West Africa was built in the memory of her daughter called the Gloria Pointer teen Movement Education Center.

My goal is to teach classes as a virtual instructor at the Gloria Pointer Teen Movement International Center on teen dating violence, bullying, healthy relationships, HIV prevention and domestic violence. I will also train other instructors there on the curriculum to educate and bring awareness to the masses. August 7th there Yvonne Pointer and others – including myself, will be flying out to Ghana for the dedication of the Gloria Pointer Teen Movement Education Center. I’m requesting your assistance to help sponsor me to attend mission and become their instructor.   

Your contribution of $100, or an amount you can pledge at this time, will go toward my travel to West Ghana Africa which covers lodging, all meals and bottled water, local transportation and much more such as any supplies I would need in the classroom. I really need your support and I appreciate any contribution you can make to help me make this trip to Ghana and to continue my cause of spreading awareness of domestic violence by reaching out to the children in USA and now Africa.  Please take a moment, go this website, read the story and make a contribution today:


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