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CAAO (pronounced K-O) is an umbrella consulting organization for the black professional organizations of Northeast Ohio. CAAO serves as a conduit and referral source to existing resources for entrepreneurial development, professional development, and leadership empowerment for its member organizations and their members.

In addition, CAAO has developed a variety of benefits and services including a joint calendar, job referrals, business leads, and three empowerment circles: entrepreneurial, non-profit and leadership.

CAAO’s member organizations communicate with over 30,000 black professionals on a regular basis. Thus, CAAO serves as a dynamic link to the “New Economy” for black professionals of Northeast Ohio.



  2017 CAAO Executive Matchmaker 

CAAO would like to congratulate our CAAO's BESTT donors who will be given the opportunity to meet with high level executives over the next few months.   Here is a list o CAAO's BESTT who will get the opportunity, what order they get to select a meeting, and how many executive meetings they get to select.  Once an executive is selected, they are no longer available to be selected for a meeting.


1, Shelly Alexander – 4 Executive Meetings

2.  Leslie Carruthers – 3 Executive Meetings

3.  Helen Muga – 3 Executive Meeting

4. Connie Atkins – 2 Executive Meetings

5. Lolita Hines – 2 Executive Meetings

6. Will Freeman  - 2 Executive Meetings

7, Terrence Robinson – 2 Executive Meetings

8  Linda Kerr – 2 Executive Meetings

9. Judith Payne – 1 Executive Meeting

10. Mark Young  - 1 Executive Meeting

11.  Monika Moss -  1 Executive Meeting

12. Grace Roberts – 1 Executive Meeting

13. Elaine Kerr – 1 Executive Meeting

14. Audrey Wiggins – 1 Executive Meeting

15.  Mai Moore – 1 Executive Meeting

16.  Tyson Mitchell – 1 Executive Meeting

17. Mike Gaston – 1 Executive Meeting

18.  Kelvie Tyus – 1 Executive Meeting

19,   Reggie Owens – 1 Executive Meeting

20.  DeLores Lynch -  1 Executive Meeting

21.  Anthony Jones – 1 Executive Meeting


22.  Ingrid Riechert – 1 Executive Meeting




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Graduates of the CAAO Youth Innovation Forum participate in this pilot program that will teach the product development cycle by taking product concepts to market.


Youth Innovation

YIF promotes innovation and excellence in a unique education environment for students between the ages of 10 - 19.




Donors and supporters select or draw for quality one on one time with 20+ executives , celebrities, and community leaders for unique business relationship building opportunities.




Round Tables

This will be quarterly meetings that bring together all CAAO BESTT Donors for combination of brainstorming, education, coaching, and support in a group setting to sharpen their business and personal skills.




CAAO’s BESTT (Base, Enhanced, Sustaining, Trust Builders, Trust Builders Plus) is a unique annual individual donors program.



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